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Immigrants to Canada Facing Crisis of Confidence

New Léger poll for ICC says 30% of young newcomers could leave Canada within two years.

The Institute for Canadian Citizenship Joins With Windmill Microlending to Support Skilled Immigrants

The Institute for Canadian Citizenship has made a $500,000 investment in Windmill Microlending’s innovative and highly-effective Community Bond program, helping 50 skilled immigrants build successful professional lives in Canada thanks to Windmill’s accreditation and upskilling loans.

ICC in the News

CBC News: How lack of affordability could scare new immigrants into moving away

ICC CEO Daniel Bernhard speaks with CBC news about immigrants' growing crisis of confidence in Canada.

CITY TV: 3 in 10 young immigrants may leave Canada in 2 years

City TV interviews ICC CEO Daniel Bernhard about new ICC polling showing that young newcomers are considering leaving Canada.

OPINION: Canadian soccer proves the power of citizenship

Writing in the Toronto Star, ICC CEO Daniel Bernhard argues that Canada's immigrant-rich men’s soccer team proves the value of Canadian citizenship.

``When people feel an equal part of Canada, they will give their heart and soul to make it great.``

Our vision at the ICC keeps in mind that eventually Canada’s net population growth will be entirely attributable to immigration. By creating opportunities for new Canadian citizens to participate fully in our cultural and political life, we will be able to continue to nurture the kind of society we have worked so hard to create: public education, cultural activities, parks, and medical care.— The Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson