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Frankfurt Book Fair: Inclusion in Crisis

Participants: André Alexis, Kim Thúy, Yann Martel, Chelsea Vowel, Jaafar Abdul-Karim, Tanja Kinkel, Ulrike Draesner and/et John Ralston Saul.

6 Degrees brought its unique style of conversation to Frankfurt. ICC co-founder and co-chair John Ralston Saul gathered seven other renowned writers from Canada and Germany to address the increasing polarization of our time, to find new ways to achieve more inclusion, and to defend plurality and equality in a critical time.

Key takeaways from #6Degrees2020

At our first digital-only 6 Degrees forum, we heard from speakers from around the world — and from our communities — on how we must approach the intersecting crises of this moment, how we emerge from the pandemic with a more equitable society, and how the global movements for racial and social justice can push for meaningful change. Here’s what we learned, what actions you can take, and how you can connect with our network.

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Opinion: Don’t be smug, Canada. The U.S. insurrection shows even the strongest democracies are fragile

Canadians are often smug when it comes to American politics. We like to believe that we are more progressive than our southern neighbours, that we could never elect our own Trump, that we are somehow better, less corrupt, nicer. That thinking is more than ignorant; it’s dangerous.

Our vision at the ICC keeps in mind that eventually Canada’s net population growth will be entirely attributable to immigration. By creating opportunities for new Canadian citizens to participate fully in our cultural and political life, we will be able to continue to nurture the kind of society we have worked so hard to create: public education, cultural activities, parks, and medical care.— The Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson