What Do We Do Tomorrow?

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Episode 5: Taking Care in Business

As we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, we hear time and time again about the importance of balancing the needs of the economy with the needs of people. Why is that so important? Or, is it? In the final episode of What Do We Do Tomorrow?, host Hannah Sung speaks with Armine Yalnizyan, Atkinson Fellow on the Future of Workers, and an award-winning economist, on the relationship between the economy, and care. Yalnizyan provides a historical background on how we’ve gotten to this point, and shares her insights on what we must do next.

Episode 4: Food Has Always Been Political

What does racism have to do with the way we eat? In the fourth episode of What Do We Do Tomorrow?, host Hannah Sung speaks with Paul Taylor, executive director of FoodShare, about the ways in which food insecurity is tied to structural racism, finances, housing, and more. They discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on food security in Canada, and unpack the Dismantling White Supremacy Food Box to see what’s inside.

Episode 3: Home and Native Land

What does it mean to live here together on treaty and unceded territory territory, where treaty law gets broken over and over? In the third episode of What Do We Do Tomorrow?, host Hannah Sung speaks with comedian, writer, and activist Ryan McMahon about the agreements between Canada and the Indigenous nations that form the foundation of this country, and the emergency facing Indigenous people in Canada as those agreements are broken. He explains the power of culture and storytelling to change this nation’s relationship with the original peoples of this land.

Episode 2: Community is the Name of the Game

While online communities have existed since the earliest days of the internet, the COVID-19 pandemic has, at least temporarily, made the digital world the only place where community can safely gather. But how can we ensure that these communities are inclusive and safe for all? In the second episode of What Do We Do Tomorrow?, host Hannah Sung speaks with video game professor Dr. Kris Alexander of Ryerson University, about the online communities formed around video games, and streaming platforms like Twitch. He explains how video games can connect us, educate us, and maybe even save us.

Episode 1: Democracy in Crisis

Voting is a cornerstone of our democracy. So why don’t many of us do it? Especially now when the stakes are higher than ever. In the first episode of What Do We Do Tomorrow?, host Hannah Sung asks questions on the history of enfranchisement, voter suppression, and how we can get more people to the polls.


The world is facing urgent, complicated problems. It has become clear in this generation-defining moment that to make the changes we need, we will have to use every tool at our disposal. But it’s not a time to be overwhelmed. We need to face these issues head-on. So let’s keep the question simple: What do we do tomorrow? Join host Hannah Sung and 6 Degrees as she asks this question to people with big ideas so bold, well, they just might work.

What Do We Do Tomorrow? is a five-part podcast series from 6 Degrees, the global forum for inclusion. It is produced by The Walrus Lab.

What Do We Do Tomorrow? is funded in part by the Government of Canada.