Meet Canoo member Gauri Suri

Meet Canoo member Gauri Suri! She moved to Canada from India nearly 10 years ago and obtained her Canadain citizenship (virtually) in May of this year.

“What I love most about Canada is the kindness of the people,” says Gauri. “Canada is truly a land of opportunities and a diverse nation where I feel that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. I moved to Canada 10 years ago and I feel like I have always been able to achieve all my goals with the hard work and no doubt the kindness that has been bestowed to me from random people whom I call now friends and family.”

Gauri has already used her Canoo app to visit museums in both Vancouver and Calgary, as well as national parks such as Banff and Lake Louise.

“I love the Canoo app!” says Gauri, “What a great idea of providing all new citizens with a great opportunity to know more about the country, its culture and traditions.

“I have had amazing experiences with Canoo. During the summer of 2020, there was not much I could do due to the pandemic. However, being so close to the rocky mountains and being a hiking person, I was able to experience the most beautiful aquamarine lakes, waterfalls and rocky mountains of Banff and Lake Louise. All these places kept me sane and, of course, nature amazes me everytime with its magical moments — I was able to capture the views that are beyond words. Along with that I was able to motivate some of my friends to experience the sunrise hikes that became every weekend’s memories for all of us!”

Gauri believes that nature and culture are important factors to inclusion. “Culture plays an important role as it teaches all of us to learn the good things from diverse ethnicities. Being a land of immigrants, we all are free to celebrate with each other and call this country a diverse nation.”


*Some quotes have been edited for length and clarity.


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