Meet Canoo member Ife Thomas

Meet Canoo member Ife Thomas! 

Ife and her husband chose to move to Canada because for them, it meant a chance for more opportunities. What she loves most about Canada is the freedom and the diversity, which she specifies includes not only the people and cultures but also the geography of the country.

Since Ife and her family received their citizenship, they have used Canoo as a tool to help them discover what’s around them, and even have a new favourite place – Banff! After exploring the town, enjoying a picnic at Lake Minnewanka, and cooling down by the lake while taking in the beauty of the mountains, Ife was pleased to see how much her sons enjoyed their time together. Her eldest son especially, who declares that Banff is his favorite place to go and asks everyday, “Are we going to Banff today?”

Ife says that Canoo has helped her and her family explore all things Canadian, and she really appreciates the suggestions about the places close by and far to visit, especially for parks for the kids. “Canoo has been like a map to tell me all the places that I need to visit without a whole lot of research.” 

For Ife, raising her family in Canada, inclusion is very important. It means “feeling accepted, and accepting everyone no matter their race, religion, gender, or background.” Ife explains that “you feel a sense of pride about how so many different people live here and belong here and those differences unify the country and make Canada such a great place to live.”

Ife strives to be an active citizen, by not only voting in local and national elections, but also by “learning and experiencing as much Canadian culture as possible whether by travelling around the country or visiting all the local parks, museums and historical sites.” Ife hopes to continue using Canoo to explore and find more places that her and her family can enjoy together.

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