Meet member Jacqulin Chrystal

Meet Canoo member Jacqulin Chrystal, who became a Canadian citizen this year.

“I chose Canada because this country is world-renowned as a thriving economy with the most beautiful natural splendour and having a strong humanitarian culture,” says Jacqulin. “It is such a privilege to know that I now have a voice in choosing who will lead and steward this beautiful country of Canada!

“What I love most about Canada is the majestic beauty of nature from coast to coast to coast [and] the Canadian way of being tolerant, law-abiding and polite.”

Her favourite place to visit with her Canoo app is the Canadian Museum of History in Ottawa. “The very varied history of Canada is fascinating,” says Jacqulin, “Although I probably only managed to see about a quarter of the exhibits at the museum, I was captivated by the detailed information about each of the museum artifacts.

“Understanding another’s culture and how it has evolved enables one to appreciate the background and history that have formed each sector of society. It is imperative in a multicultural society that tolerance of each other’s culture is demonstrated, within the boundaries of ascribing to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

“I am so grateful to Canoo for giving me the opportunity in this first year of being Canadian to visit museums, art galleries, other cultural places, as well as the national parks, so that my heart will understand and come to love my new country as my own!”