Meet previous CAP member Joseph Lopez

April 1, 2019

Joseph Lopez arrived in Canada in April of 2009 from New Zealand. He chose Canada because of its welcoming spirit towards immigrants. Joseph became a citizen on February 21, 2018. “My life has not really changed since coming to Canada – my dreams are still there,” says Joseph, “However, I am now proud to be Canadian and [am] feeling more at home.”

Joseph loves history, whether it’s reading about Canadian history or watching documentaries. Because of this, he used his Cultural Access Pass to explore Canada and its rich history. Joseph took advantage of his one-time 50% VIA Rail discount to take a trip from Vancouver to Winnipeg to Toronto and back to Saskatoon, then Vancouver. Along the way, he visited many museums and historic sites, including Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site and Fort York National Historic Site.

“I have been using my Cultural Access Pass to visit museums, art galleries, [and] historic homes in Vancouver, Victoria, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, and Toronto,” tells Joseph, “Cultural places are important in acquiring your identity as a Canadian. Going to cultural places and spaces made me more attached to my new country. Knowledge makes you see Canada in a different way – it feels more like home. I value my Cultural Access Pass because it has helped me know more about my new country, Canada, [..] my home and native land!”

About CAP: For nearly 10 years, the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC) has delivered the Cultural Access Pass (CAP), an innovative, best-in-class program that gives new citizens access to Canadian culture.

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