Meet Canoo member Lubna Hussain

Meet Canoo member Lubna Hussain.

Originally from Pakistan, Lubna became a citizen in February 2020 and now lives in Edmonton with her family, including her four children. Lubna has been in Canada for over four years now, and until this past summer, had yet to experience a quintessential Canadian summer activity – camping – which quickly became a family favourite. Now she can proudly say, “Been there, done that!”

While Lubna’s favourite place in Canada are the Canadian Rockies, last summer, on a trip to British Columbia, Lubna and her family camped at Kicking Horse Campground in Yoho National Park. Her description of the park says it all – breathtaking and a piece of paradise. Lubna painted for us a stunning picture of her family’s first camping experience at the park: “Nestled at the foothills of the Rockies, with a dazzling waterfall in the background, and the Kicking Horse River flowing behind the campsite – this was probably the most serene place I have ever been to! Thank you Canoo for this opportunity.” Lubna adds that she will definitely be returning to this place as soon as she can!

Being a Canoo member has made Lubna feel more connected to Canada. She believes that cultural places play a role in building social inclusion by allowing us to learn about each other’s history which in turn makes us more empathetic.  As an active citizen herself, Lubna says that helping newcomers to Canada is part of this role, to help them make a better future for themselves. Lubna chose Canada because of better opportunities for her and her family, and she loves the non discriminatory attitude of Canadians she has experienced during her time here. She affirms that the key to inclusion is that everyone is treated fairly, an outlook she strives to share with those around her everyday.

As the long-awaited summer weather approaches, Lubna and her family look forward to planning more camping trips in Canada’s scenic National Parks and discovering new places in Edmonton using the Canoo app.

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