Meet Canoo member Mariam Ghaffar

Canoo member Mariam Ghaffar immigrated from Pakistan to Canada about five years ago. She chose to settle in Calgary, AB, in part due to the simple fact she had family in the city. She received her Canadian citizenship in June of 2019. Mariam is excited to be an active citizen, and for her, active citizenship means “fulfilling my duties and knowing my rights” as a Canadian. 

What Mariam loves most about Canada (and Calgary in particular) is the friendly people, the vast diversity and multiculturalism, and the clean environment and natural areas. She regularly uses the Canoo app to gain free, day-use admission to national and provincial parks in Alberta for herself and her three children. Of the many she’s visited, her favourites are Jasper National Park and Waterton Lakes National Park. “It’s so beautiful!” explained Mariam about Waterton Larks, “The lakes, the rocks, everything is magical!” 

Although all national and provincial parks are temporarily closed for now, Mariam is excited to get back outside when the weather is warmer and the restrictions are lifted. She hopes to get in a few more visits with her Canoo app (which she calls “excellent!”)  before her membership expires.