Meet CAP Member Lynn Lau

Lynn Lau is originally from Malaysia, although she spent ten years studying and working in the United States before coming to Canada in 2008. She says that when considering where she would like to live, she “placed high importance on personal freedoms, mutual respect, and social/civil rights.” She chose Canada, and Lynn became a Canadian citizen in January of this year.

“This past summer, to celebrate my becoming a citizen, a couple of friends and I embarked on a road trip along the East Coast leading up to Canada Day. We took advantage of Canada 150 to visit many of PEI and Nova Scotia’s popular attractions, historic sites, and national parks for free. Not only were places like the Green Gables Heritage Place and the Fortress of Louisbourg exceptional and memorable, but the people there were lovely as well. One place I [used] my Cultural Access Pass was at Le Village Historique Acadien de la Nouvelle-Ecosse in Nova Scotia. The historical Acadian village was beautiful, atmospheric, and a great step back in time.”

Lynn believes that choosing where one becomes a citizen is a serious decision: “Most people don’t make that choice lightly. It says a lot that they see something special in Canada that makes them want to create a new life here.” However, once becoming a Canadian citizen, Lynn doesn’t think that being an active citizen requires grand gestures. “It’s the simple things such as taking pride in what you do, and seeing each other as being a part of one big community, sharing something in common while still valuing the differences in our varied histories and heritages.”


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