Le Centre d’histoire joins the CAP program

The Cultural Access Pass  provides members with free admission to more than 1,400 of Canada’s premier cultural attractions, as well as discounts to travel and explore during their first year of citizenship.

This month, the Centre d’histore de Montréal (CHM) in Montréal, QC, joins the CAP program to welcome new Canadian citizens with free general admission.

Day in, day out since its founding in 1983, the CHM has been revealing fascinating aspects of our city’s past. The Centre d’histoire de Montréal’s mission is to help Montrealers and visitors alike discover, understand and appreciate today’s city and its diverse heritage, by showing how the history of those who have lived and still live in Montreal has shaped the urban environment, left traces and defined the identity of the metropolis. The museum takes an interest in both the city’s tangible and intangible heritage, as well as that of its citizens, who possess significant parts of Montreal’s collective memory.

If you live in Québec, be sure to visit with your Cultural Access Pass membership card!

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