New citizens connect with history and nature at citizenship ceremony in Charlottetown

In Charlottetown, the Institute for Canadian Citizenship in partnership with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), and Parks Canada celebrated 39 new citizens, as they proudly joined the Canadian family at Ardgowan National Historic Site. ICC community citizenship ceremonies take place in the hearts of communities across the country, in welcoming public spaces, with a strong commitment to inclusion – such as national parks and historic sites.

Parks Canada is committed to connecting new citizens to Canada’s history and nature by co-hosting ICC community citizenship ceremonies from coast-to-coast and by partnering with the ICC’s Cultural Access Pass program to provide new citizens free access to participating Parks Canada sites. Karen Jans (Field Unit Superintendent for Prince Edward Island National Park) recognizes the importance of new citizens connecting with Canada’s culture, “Parks Canada was thrilled to host a citizenship ceremony at Ardgowan National Historic Site and recognizes the important contributions of new citizens to the ever evolving fabric of our country. We encourage all new Canadian citizens to connect with Canada’s history and nature by participating in the Institute for Canadian Citizenship’s Cultural Access Pass Program and visiting Parks Canada sites across the country.”

For 39 of Canada’s newest citizens, it was a day of excitement, smiles, and tears of joy. New citizens were encouraged to continue exploring cultural sites and register with the Cultural Access Pass. Yasmine Mohamed, Manager of the Cultural Access Pass programs strongly believes that new citizens embracing our shared heritage are able to build connections to Canada and fellow Canadians, “Canada’s national parks and historic sites are important, meaningful places for all Canadians. Through the ICC’s partnership with Parks Canada, every new Canadian citizen has the incredible opportunity to connect with history and nature through the ICC’s Cultural Access Pass (CAP), with free admission to all Parks Canada locations across the country. Through CAP, Parks Canada builds inclusion for new citizens, and connects them to Canada’s shared heritage and identity.”

Photos: ICC/Nancy Thomas
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For more information on partnering with the ICC to host a community citizenship ceremony, email us: ceremonypartnerships@inclusion.ca