Meet CAP Member Noaman Ahmed

February 1, 2019

Noaman Ahmed received his Canadian citizenship on February 5, 2018 with his family. Noaman had more than 12 years of oil and gas experience when he arrived in Canada in 2013, which motivated him and his family to move from Pakistan to Calgary.

Reflecting on 2018, Noaman says that it was a “fantastic year” for his family. In addition to receiving their Canadian citizenship, they visited their home country of Pakistan; Noaman completed his Master’s degree from the University of Calgary; and they have used their Cultural Access Pass cards to visit many places in Alberta. In addition to using their CAP cards to visit popular attractions such as the TELUS Spark science centre and the Royal Tyrrell Museum, Noaman and his family also received free tickets to the 2018 Calgary Stampede from the Cultural Access Pass program.

Noaman notes that his family loves hiking and camping, something that they started doing when they moved to Canada. He and his family have used their CAP cards to visit parks such as Jasper National Park. They “simply loved it.”

In regards to the Cultural Access Pass program, Noaman says that it feels like Canada is investing in his family as new citizens and wants them to learn about the rich Canadian culture and heritage. “Even the staff at these [CAP] locations congratulate us on becoming citizens!” he explains. “[CAP is an] awesome experience; after waiting for four years for our citizenship, this is an excellent gift. [I am] thoroughly enjoying it with my family.

“We as new Canadian citizens have sacrificed a lot for this citizenship,” says Noaman, “Leaving your country, loved ones, job, [and] friends is not easy. And because of all these sacrifices, we respect and value this citizenship and will do all it takes to grow and prosper [in] our new home, Canada.”

About CAP: For nearly 10 years, the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC) has delivered the Cultural Access Pass (CAP), an innovative, best-in-class program that gives new citizens access to Canadian culture.

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