Meet Canoo member Ross

Ross is from the South Coast of Australia and moved to Canada in 2015. He says he chose to move to Canada for the natural beauty and inclusiveness. Ross became a citizen mid-April of 2019 and says the biggest change for him has been “the joy of anonymity, and being part of the brilliance of pure multiculturalism. I feel free and at home.”

Ross is an avid user of Canoo. In addition to visiting venues, he also regularly takes advantage of the free tickets offered to Canoo members by email for concerts and performances. “[Canoo] is so splendid,” says Ross, “I have seen my first opera, AGO, ROM and a few smaller galleries. I have just attended a music recital that I wouldn’t really have seen without the pass. My experience of the pass allows me to be more engaged with the events I would not have been aware of.”

Ross firmly believes in the importance of arts and culture. “It has always been my belief that you have to know [the] past to understand the now and the future of a culture,” he explains, “So I have found galleries and museums key to travel and my world education. The galleries with their amazing staff always make for a totally enjoyable experience and a great memory. Without art/cultural heritage of any kind, we are nothing at all; we would just exist and go through the motions. The arts/places have to be held up as a mirror of the past, and [they] now help point to the future.”

When asked if he had any additional comments, Ross said, “I just want to thank all the faceless people that help us become Canadians, the people that volunteer at all the events and the people at Canoo. Most of all, remembering my first feelings when I arrived in Canada, [I believe] anything is possible here. Thank you, Canada.”