Statement on Anti-Asian racism

We echo the outpouring of grief, anger, and pain that is being shared about the Atlanta attacks and anti-Asian racism. And we add our voices to the many stating what is obvious, but bears repeating: Canada is not immune from this hate. 

Anti-Asian hate crimes have been on the rise since the first outbreak of COVID-19. But this is not a new problem. Anti-Asian racism in Canada is written into our legislations, and our history books. 

All Canadians have power to name this past, so that we don’t keep repeating it — in the present or in the future. We can all speak up, online, with our friends and families, or even as bystanders in public, when we hear Anti-Asian racism. We can all support Asian-Canadians and amplify their voices and stories. We can all act. 

 At the Institute for Canadian Citizenship we believe that together we can create a country that actively reflects Canadian values: diversity, multiculturalism and equality. We believe Canada is a country for all Canadians and we believe that together we can create a more inclusive Canada.

Read, watch, listen, learn, speak out, donate, vote.