The Château Dufresne partners with Canoo

As of today, the Château Dufresne has partnered with Canoo to welcome new Canadian citizens into their space with free admission.

Canoo is a mobile app that helps new Canadian citizens celebrate their citizenship by providing free admission to over 1400 museums, science centres, art galleries, parks, and historic sites across Canada.

The Château Dufresne is a museum and national historic site located in Montreal, QC. Canoo members can use their mobile app to enjoy free, general admission for themselves and up to four children every time they visit the Château Dufresne.

A rare historic monument since 1976, Château Dufresne is a semi-detached residence built by brothers Oscar and Marius Dufresne (1915-1918), two important figures of the French-speaking bourgeoisie in Montreal. Its architecture and interior design take us back to the prosperous atmosphere of the early 20th century, and reflect the aspirations, mentalities and tastes of the influential and avant-garde French-Canadian bourgeoisie of the time. Its wall decorations, painted in the 1920s by the Florentine artist Guido Nincheri (1885-1973), represent his most important secular work.

Canoo members in Montreal and the surrounding area, check your app to learn more about Château Dufresne and to visit!

To find more places to visit near you, be sure to enable location services on the Canoo app. Learn more about the app on the Canoo Help Centre