Meet member Vikash Raghoebier

Meet Canoo member Vikash Raghoebier.

“I chose Canada because of its liberal laws and accepting culture,” says Vikash, “What I love most about Canada is that you can be your true authentic self here, and the beautiful landscapes.”

“To me, inclusion means the unprejudiced offering of equality, respect, and dignity to an individual,” he adds.

Vikash’s favourite place in Canada is Montreal. “The versatility of this country is reflected in this fun and bustling city where arts and cuisines are curated with finesse and cultures are celebrated with splendour,” he says. “Montreal is also a historic time capsule with captivating architecture, which made me nostalgic of a past unknown. I made friends there amazingly fast!”

In Montreal, Vikash has enjoyed visiting cultural venues with Canoo. “Cultural places are the playground where social dynamics are formed very early on in the process of integration. Hence the development of social inclusion depends on the cultural places,” he says. “Canoo has been the best gift one could receive as a new Canadian citizen. After all these months with Canoo, I feel I know my country more than I did before and the traveling has nourished me emotionally and spiritually.”