Meet Canoo member Violeta

Meet Canoo member Violeta. She chose to move to Canada for the “natural beauty, mountains and lakes, as well as because of the strong economy and plenty of business opportunities.”

What Violeta loves most about Canada is the “people, the diversity, friendliness, and last but not least – poutine!” Her favourite place in Canada is Banff National Park in Alberta. 

The best place that Violeta has visited using her Canoo app has been the Montreal Science Center, which she visited with her family. “Everyone in the family is interested in doing simple experiments and hands-on activities, and the center offers plenty of those,” she says. “The exhibitions we saw were amazing and entertaining both for kids and adults. Before we knew it, we spent almost three hours there and when we left we felt like there is so much more to see. Awesome place!”

For Violeta, active citizenship is “contributing to society by being kind and respectful, taking care of the environment, helping others and making a positive difference whenever presented with the opportunity.” She believes that cultural spaces help us build more diverse and inclusive societies: “Cultural places give us another perspective,” she says, “They help us see the world through the eyes of others; it is a way for us to remember the past and all the lessons it holds.”

“I have had a very positive experience using Canoo,” says Violeta, “Having the chance to visit all these places (some of which I probably wouldn’t have visited without the Canoo pass) is definitely expanding my horizons.”