Meet Canoo Member Zoran Tomic

Spotlight on Canoo Members, sponsored by Canadian Western Bank

When we asked Zoran why he picked Canada, he simply said, “It’s the best country in the world.” Originally from Croatia, Zoran became a Canadian citizen in 2019 and settled in Alberta. Since arriving here, Zoran has fallen in love with the great outdoors of Western Canada, especially the mountains. As far as he’s concerned, the only thing that can match up to the Rockies are the Canadian people themselves.

Zoran has used Canoo to get up close and personal with all that Canada’s national parks have to offer, taking himself on as many solo trips as he can.

“I am a frequent goer to all of the national parks in Alberta and British Columbia,” he said. “I saw incredible glacier caves; I rode some of the most amazing ski mountaineering objectives and managed to meet a multitude of amazing people.”

These frequent trips to national parks have been a huge part of Zoran feeling at home in his chosen country. “Every outing is special and creates a special bond between me and Canada.”

He feels that having access to cultural sites of all kinds are incredibly important to building memories and feeling at home in Canada. “Cultural places build and expand knowledge. They add to a sense of identity as a Canadian,” he said. “The trips I took with Canoo were absolutely exhilarating!”

If you’re interested in discovering some of the same incredible winter activities that Zoran has been enjoying in Canada’s national parks, check out Parks Canada’s Winter Activity Hub here. Canada’s great outdoors has something for everyone. Happy exploring!

We’re wishing Zoran a long, happy, and peaceful life in Canada, with many years of exploring the mountains ahead. Thanks to Canadian Western Bank for supporting Canoo so that Zoran and thousands of newcomers like him get to build incredible memories in Canada’s one of a kind cultural sites.

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