Happy Canada Day! 

Join us on Canada Day as we celebrate Canada’s strength and unity, as well as our newest Canadian citizens! We, the Institute for Canadian Citizenship, have partnered with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, and MaRS to host Canada’s first cross-country virtual citizenship ceremony! With generous support from Tim Hortons, the celebration will be livestreamed and will include interviews with new citizens who are frontline workers; a performance by Indigenous drumming duo, Warrior Women; a special appearance by the Minister of Immigration; and a greeting by Prime Minister Trudeau! Join us on July 1 at 2:00 p.m. EDT: livestream.com/marsdd/inclusion

You can also find a variety of Canadian content from our museum and art gallery partners below; take the time to learn a bit about Canadian history, (virtually) see iconic Canadian art, and experience a few Indigenous traditions. 

If you choose to celebrate Canada Day this month with a visit to a museum, art gallery, science centre, or park, be sure to check the website of the venue before you visit to learn if they have reopened and how they are taking safety precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please follow any recommendations or guidelines set out by the venue.

Stay safe,
Anja, Canoo’s Membership Officer

PS: Please know we are working to ensure all Canoo members receive the full Canoo experience despite the disruption caused by COVID-19. The Canoo team is currently working with an app development partner to create a technical solution for memberships, and we hope to announce full details later this month. We appreciate your patience on this matter.

1.Banff National Park (AB) [Photo: Parks Canada]
2. Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre (Morden, MB)
3. McMichael Canadian Art Collection: Canadian Art Gallery (Kleinburg, ON)
4. Remai Modern (Saskatoon, SK)
5. Nature Museum of Canada (Ottawa, ON)
6. Green Gables Heritage Place (Cavendish, PE)

Some venues are re-opening to the public; be sure to check the website of a venue before visiting to learn about their re-opening. Please remember to practice proper social distancing when visiting a venue, historic site or park in-person, and consider visiting venues virtually (online) instead!

Celebrate 100 Years of the Group of Seven
Revisit these iconic works of art through the National Gallery of Canada. 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the Group of Seven’s first exhibition! Get to know the original members of the Group and their respective work. Learn more here. [Image: J.E.H. MacDonald, The Tangled Garden, 1916, oil on beaverboard, 121.4 x 152.4 cm. Gift of W.M. Southam, F.N. Southam, and H.S. Southam, 1937, in memory of their brother Richard Southam. National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa. Photo: NGC]

Leiden circa 1630: Rembrandt Emerges at The Art Gallery of Alberta
While the Art Gallery of Alberta has re-opened, you can still visit virtually from the comfort of home as well. Check out this virtual tour of selected artworks from Leiden circa 1630: Rembrandt Emerges. If you have a Google Cardboard or Virtual Reality (VR) headset please use it to enhance your experience and see the exhibition in true VR!

By the Shore: Maritime B.C. in Paintings
The Vancouver Maritime Museum officially reopened on June 11! To celebrate, there is a brand-new exhibition to share with visitors. By the Shore: Maritime B.C. in Paintings takes viewers on a journey through coastal British Columbia. By the Shore includes works by Emily Carr, E.J. Hughes and artists such as Ronald Jackson, Spencer Percival Judge, and Thomas William Frippwho were influential in the early days of painting in B.C. Please be sure to read about their new COVID-19 safety measures before visiting.

From Spruce Roots to Baskets with a Haida Weaver
Discover the art of Haida basket weaving, a vital tradition passed down from generation to generation, with the Canadian Museum of History.  In their video, Ariane Xay Kuyaas (Yaghujaanaas clan, Haida) demonstrates weaving techniques that were passed down to her. Read the full article and watch the video here.

Canada in the World Wars
In the Canadian War Museum’s online exhibition, you can explore how food production and agriculture were essential parts of Canada’s war effort during the First World War, and how Ottawa encouraged farmers and food processors to maximize their output. You can also check out this online newspaper collection all about Canadian newspapers during the Second World War; it includes more than 140,000 clippings of news stories and editorials from mostly Canadian papers, documenting every aspect of the Second World War. [Image: The Crest of Vimy Ridge, the Canadian War Museum]

Meet Canoo member Violeta. “I have a very positive experience using Canoo,” says Violeta, “Having the chance to visit all these places, some of which I probably wouldn’t have visited without the Canoo pass, is definitely expanding my horizons.” Learn more about Violeta’s experience with Canoo here.

What is racism? Fabrice Vil on 6 Degrees Live
Fabrice Vil, founder of Pour 3 Points, a charity based in Quebec that trains sports coaches to become life coaches for underprivileged youth, recently joined us on 6 Degrees Live, our weekly Instagram Live series, to talk about how we define racism, and how we combat it. “In our language, we point out that someone is racist or someone is not racist, which is a binary thing…We need to see racism as something that is multifaceted and complex,” Vil says. Read more.

Stay Safe with a #StandTogether Mask
When the world is telling us to keep a distance, it’s more important than ever to stand together. Will you stand with us? Donate today to help to spread the message that we all need to stand together against xenophobia and racism. With a minimum donation of $25, receive a #StandTogether face mask! 

New poll shows impact of COVID-19 on new Canadian citizens
A new poll shows that 64 per cent of new Canadian citizens fear rising discrimination amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and more than one in 10 reports being targeted during the crisis. The survey, conducted by the ICC and Leger, and launched as part of the ICC’s #StandTogether campaign, also found that 17 per cent of new Canadian citizens reported speaking up for someone who was being threatened due to their race, age, class or ability amid the pandemic (compared with 13 per cent of the general public). Read more.

There will be no in-person citizenship ceremonies this month
Typically, we at the Institute for Canadian Citizenship invite you to attend community citizenship ceremonies organized by us; Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada; and other partners all over Canada each month. However, at this time, all in-person citizenship ceremonies are on hold. Please keep an eye on our social media and website for updates as to when we will resume our in-person enhanced citizenship ceremonies.