Hello, Bonjour, Aaniin Canoo Members,

We are definitely heading into another cold Canadian winter now! As we head into November, the Institute for Canadian Citizenship and Canoo are celebrating the work of Canadian innovators and entrepreneurs, especially in the world of science and technology.

Throughout history, Canadians have contributed incredible inventions that have improved the lives of people all over the world, and changed the way we work, play, communicate, and treat illnesses. In the world of healthcare, Canada can boast about Sir Frederick Banting’s discovery of insulin, John Hopp’s subcutaneous pacemaker and George Klein’s electric wheelchair. On a technology front, we lay claim to Alexander Graham Bell and his telephone, James Gosling and his creation of Java programming language, and the very first internet search engine, Archie (Archive without the V), created by Alan Emtage at McGill University around 1988.

Proving necessity is the mother of invention, it was also Canadians who invented the first snowmobile, the first snow blower, and (after Montréal Canadiens goaltender Jacques Plante got tired of getting hit in the face by pucks during hockey games), the first fiberglass goalie mask. As many of you will have discovered, Canadian winters do not mess around!

In this newsletter, you’ll find recommendations for some of our favourite Canoo venues across the country with exhibits and activities featuring science and technology. You’ll also find our monthly Spotlight post featuring Canoo member Nuno Silva, and information on how to take advantage of VIA Rail’s offer of a one-time 50% off discount on train travel for all Canoo members. We hope you’ll be able to use the offers below to explore Canada and learn more about the incredible innovations that Canadians are putting out into the world every day.

Please continue to wear your masks and remain socially distanced, and check your region’s guidelines and regulations. In regions of the country where it is still safe to visit venues, please follow all health guidelines that the venue has in place. Although we are updating the Canoo app, please always check the website of the venue or call ahead to find out about safety protocols and/or temporary closures in advance of visiting.

Thank you, merci and chi miigwetch!

 “These Canadian landmarks are now my places as well. I feel proud and blessed for being able to enjoy them. They make me feel at home.”

Meet Canoo Member Nuno Silva! He originally arrived in Canada when his job moved him here, but since then, this new country has become his home. Canoo has been a huge part of Nuno being able to feel a sense of ownership and belonging in Canada, and it’s a resource he wouldn’t want to have been without. Read Nuno’s full story here, and learn about how Canoo and VIA Rail gave him a front row seat to the raw beauty of Canadian winter. 

Want to discover Canada through the windows of a train? VIA Rail generously provides a one-time 50% discount on train travel to Canoo members! To unlock this offer, open the Canoo app, select “More” on the bottom right of your screen, and then click Via Rail Offer and follow the onscreen instructions.

Ready to see the whole country? It would take almost a week, but it’s possible to travel across the entire width of Canada with VIA Rail. We’ve laid out the trip for you, along with some of our favourite Canoo venues to check out at the major train station stops along the way.

Starting on the east coast, board VIA Rail’s Maritime Way line for an unforgettable trip through Eastern Canada and its one-of-a-kind ecosystems, culture and history. The Maritime Way is an excursion through diverse, welcoming landscapes and a peaceful and relaxing journey that will immerse you in some of the country’s most charming areas.

Our first stop is The Discovery Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Four stories high with over 40,000 square feet of exhibit space, the Centre is the newest science museum in the country, boasting cutting-edge experiences, innovative galleries, and incredible exhibits from around the globe. It features dynamic travelling and permanent exhibitions, high-definition films, live science demonstrations and interesting science programs for all ages. While you’re there, make sure to check out their featured exhibit, BEYOND HUMAN LIMITS: EXTREME SPORTS, a deep dive into the thrilling world of extreme sports. Visitors are challenged to jump, fly, dive, and climb while exploring some of the riskiest activities in the world.

Next stop: Beaubears Island Shipbuilding National Historic Site in Miramichi, New Brunswick! Delve into the stories of Mi’gmaq culture, adventurous Voyageurs, Acadian courage and ambitious shipbuilding. Journey to a fascinating archaeological site and interact with lively historic characters in a scenic island setting. Canoe a heritage waterway and connect with an authentic past. This is Boishébert National Historic Site—a blend of active adventure and deep-rooted multicultural experiences and a living museum amidst old-growth pines and the meandering Miramichi River. 

And with that, we’re rolling on into Montreal, Quebec and central Canada. Here is a great time to check out the Montreal Science Centre! Located in the heart of the Old Port of Montreal, the Montreal Science Centre is a choice destination for families. Entirely devoted to science and technology, the centre is notable for the excellent quality of its exhibitions and the use of interactive devices in an innovative environment, both educational and entertaining. Make sure to check out their current featured exhibit, Life-Sized Science to discover the science behind motion, air, light, water, geometry, and matter, and come play with code too. Every space is interactive and filled with fun and wonder. You’ll be amazed, astonished, and tickled pink!

To keep on heading westward, it’s time to switch to VIA Rail’s Ontario and Quebec line, this route will give you a chance to enjoy the majestic scenery, historic sites and modern skylines between Quebec and Ontario.

Next stop: the Toronto Railway Museum located in Roundhouse Park, in the heart of downtown Toronto, Ontario! Since we’re crossing the country by train, why not take a moment to discover the stories of Toronto’s railway history? The Toronto Railway Museum’s mission is simple: to connect people to the secret history of rail in Toronto and tell the story of those who propelled the city from sleepy town into our nation’s economic engine. There’s lots to do in person at the museum, but you can also check out their online lecture series from anywhere in Canada! Catch the eight installment of Railway Ties, George Paginton: Life and Work, for free on November 18th

And back onboard the train we go! For the last leg of our journey west, we’ll be transferring to VIA Rail’s Great Western Way line, travelling from Toronto, Ontario to Vancouver, British Columbia. From beautiful northern Ontario, to the awe-inspiring area of the Prairies and the stunning majesty of the Rockies, you’ll discover a new side to our beautiful country.

The first major stop on our way to the coast is in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where you can get exploring with the Manitoba Children’s Museum. Housed in the oldest surviving train repair facility in Manitoba, the museum features twelve permanent galleries that spark kids’ creative learning. Visitors can hop aboard the authentic 1952 diesel locomotive and 1910 Pullman passenger coach, explore the five-storey tall Lasagna Lookout, test their perceptions in the giant Illusion Tunnel, perform water experiments in Splash Lab, and much more. Starting on November 13th, make sure to check out the last original Eaton’s Fairytale Vignettes Display from the ninth floor annex of the Eaton’s downtown store – fully restored and open to the public for a limited time only. Visitors of all ages will be delighted by the fifteen fun, fairytale vignettes that make up this classic favourite including Cinderella, Humpty Dumpty, Three Blind Mice, and more. 

Time to travel across the prairies to the Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton, Alberta. The Royal Alberta Museum (RAM) is the largest museum in western Canada and one of the top museums in Canada. Located in the Arts District in downtown Edmonton, the RAM collects, preserves, researches, interprets, and exhibits objects and specimens related to the heritage of Alberta’s people and natural environment. The museum’s expansive permanent galleries feature engaging exhibits complemented by internationally touring features. Check out their current featured gallery, Abandoned Alberta, showcasing the photography of Joe Chowaniec. The stunning images found in Abandoned Alberta offer a window into our past, showing life as it was then, and stirring in us the emotions of wonder and curiosity about those who have gone before us and the lives they lived. 

Next, get in touch with nature at Jasper National Park in Jasper, Alberta. Extending over 11,000 square kilometres, it’s the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies and part of UNESCO’s Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site.Find your connection to this special place by discovering one or all of the park’s five spectacular regions, exploring its extensive trail network, or visiting the famous red chair locations. (Hint: the winter months are pretty spectacular!).

Last stop: Pacific Museum of Earth in Vancouver, British Columbia. As UBC’s oldest museum, and the only museum in Metro Vancouver to specialize in Earth, Oceanic & Atmospheric Sciences, the PME is one of B.C.’s “hidden gems”. Don’t miss out on meeting “Dorothy,” the star of the PME’s new elasmosaur exhibit. Alongside Dorothy, discover a lambeosaur, the only OmniGlobe in Canada, and prepare to be stunned by their gem gallery and mineral samples! 

There you have it, a full trip across the width of Canada! Make sure to check out VIA Rail’s website and discover all the different trips they have to offer – and if you travel with Canoo, tag us in your social media posts, and we’ll give you a shout out! 

Discover Canada’s history and great outdoors with Canoo and Parks Canada!

It may be getting chilly out there, but Canada is a whole different kind of beautiful in the winter months. Bundle up and bring your camera! Check out some of our recommendations for parks and historic sites to visit below:

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The commitment would involve a telephone interview that would take approximately 30 minutes of your time. Upon completion, participants will receive an honorarium of $75. 

If you are interested in participating, reach out to us at news@inclusion.ca.