COVID-19 Response

In a time when we’re being told to keep distance, it’s more important than ever to find ways to stand together for inclusion.


With the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve seen fresh attempts to turn Canadians against each other by attacking particular individuals and groups with racist and discriminatory disinformation. These xenophobic and exclusionary sentiments are meant to divide; to fracture our inclusive societies. Their fearmongering floats across borders and aims to form cracks in our society.


We must recognize these attempts, reject division, and embrace inclusion.


Over the coming months, we at the ICC will be taking on this mission. We’ll be sharing stories about how this crisis affects members of our community, tools and tips on how to fight discriminatory information, and ways to stay connected while physically apart. Together, we can build a more inclusive world, online and off.

We have partnered with The Walrus, a leading Canadian magazine, to bring you weekly articles exploring disinformation and discrimination in the context of COVID-19. In our first article, Sejla Rizvic looks at the power of language in the fight against this pandemic.