Messages from our co-founders and co-chairs

“Our vision at the ICC keeps in mind that eventually Canada’s net population growth will be entirely attributable to immigration. By creating opportunities for new Canadian citizens to participate fully in our cultural and political life, we will be able to continue to nurture the kind of society we have worked so hard to create: public education, cultural activities, parks, and medical care.”

—The Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson

“We all know that the world is caught in a maelstrom, which is swirling around the basic principles of belonging and diversity, around the very meaning of citizenship. The role of the ICC – our ideas and programs – whether in individual communities or across borders, has never been so important.”

—John Ralston Saul

Message from our CEO

“I know firsthand that citizenship is far more than where you were born, as it is shaped by our communities and values. That is why I am proud to join the ICC to lead their drive to promote diversity and inclusion across Canada and around the world.”

—Yasir Naqvi


Photo: Khalil Shariff

Khalil Shariff

Photo: Zai Mamdani

Zai Mamdani

Photo: Andreas Souvaliotis

Andreas Souvaliotis

Photo: Niigaan Sinclair

Niigaan Sinclair

Photo: The Rt. Hon. Adrienne Clarkson

The Rt. Hon. Adrienne Clarkson

Photo: John Ralston Saul

John Ralston Saul

Photo: Martin Katz

Martin Katz

Photo: Irfhan Rawji

Irfhan Rawji

International Advisory Council

Agnes Hsu-Tang
Elbrun Kimmelman
Eric Lax
Giorgos Kaminis
Michael Levine
Monia Mazigh
Winston Kassim


Alana Dunbar
Manager, Fundraising & Development
Amy Leis
Executive Assistant to the CEO and Media Relations Specialist
Amy Matchen
Senior Director, Programs
Andrew Beer
Customer Support Specialist
Hiba Omar
Membership Experience Specialist
Inaara Jivraj
Fundraising & Development Administrative Assistant
Jennifer Muir
Program Development Specialist
Jill Madorsky
Human Resources Consultant
Joyce Chan
Marie-Noëlle Tudieshe
Strategic Events Specialist
Nastasia Pappas-Kemps
Content Creation Specialist
Philip Chalk
Research, Evaluation and Reporting Specialist
Roberto Alvarez
Manager, Strategic Partnerships
Salimah Visram
Director, Program Delivery
Yasir Naqvi
Chief Executive Officer
Yasmine Mohamed
Director, Digital Programs
Yousef Bhola
Senior Director, Finance and Administration